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Protection Dogs Versus Sport Dogs

29 Nov 2016

We all know that a well-trained protection dog is the best form of defence when it comes to staving off any potential threats. You can go ahead and spend a fortune on CCTV cameras or intricate alarm systems- but the fact is that you just won’t be able to find anything as effective as one of our canines. A protection dog provides you with 24 hour security, as well as a friendly companion that dedicates itself to keeping you safe.

In order to provide our customers with such high quality canines, we make sure that we only train breeds that are strong, intelligent and dedicated enough to do the job. This ensures that we are offering the very best protection dogs available, and that our customers always go home happy. Therefore, it’s very surprising that so many people get them confused with sport dogs, as these are two very different things.

Well, we’re here at Protection Dogs Worldwide to run you through some of the big differences between a sport dog and a protection dog, so that you can be sure that you’re spending your money wisely.


Perhaps the biggest difference between sport dogs and protection dogs is the training that they go through. Our canines undergo a thorough training regime to ensure that they have all of the skills necessary to defend you when the time comes. A well-trained protection dog will not be afraid of biting an apparent threat if needed to, and won’t hesitate to jump to your defence if you are being threatened. In comparison, a sport dog is trained to bite a sleeve or a bite suit, and this causes them to become confused when faced with a real danger- because they don’t know what to do when the biting equipment isn’t there!


When it comes to sport dogs, all trainers are really looking for is the canine’s ability to attack. They simply want the dog to be able to bite on command so that it can get involved in sport- you might have seen some impressive looking videos of sport dogs attacking biting equipment, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Our protection dogs all possess the natural protective instincts needed to keep you safe, and use their confidence, intelligence and steady nerves to provide you with a level of protection that just can’t be matched.

Protection Dogs and sport dogs have many differences, and you need to be aware of how a well-trained protection dog will be much more suited to your needs. Whilst sport dogs do undergo obedience training, the outcome is a canine that is much more suited to competing rather than keeping you safe.

Here at Protection Dogs Worldwide, we have a wide range of protection dogs for sale, and please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team for any further info on the dogs we have available.

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