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We’re Here To Bust Some Common Protection Dog Myths

25 Nov 2016

First of all, let’s get one thing straight- protection dogs are the best form of security that money can buy. No matter whether you spend a fortune on CCTV cameras or spend hours trying to set up your intricate alarm system, there’s simply no way that you are able find another security system that comes close to comparing with a well-trained canine.

A protection dog is not only providing you with a source of mobile, alert protection 24 hours a day, but will also become a big part of the family. The old expression tells us that “dog is a man’s best friend”, and this is never more true than with a protection dog.

They are undeniably the most effective way of keeping you safe, and so it’s surprising that there are so many common misconceptions out there regarding the world of protection dogs. Well, we’re here at Protection Dogs Worldwide to bust some of the biggest myths out there, so that you can feel assured that a protection dog is the right way to go.

  1. They Are Bad With Kids

Perhaps the biggest myth surrounding the different types of protection dog is the idea that they are not good with the family. Many people worry that a protection dog is simply trained to be violent, and that they are likely to suddenly turn on an innocent guest or member of the family. But this myth could not be further from the truth, as our protection dogs undergo thorough training procedures that ensure that they are actually less likely to bite someone by mistake. You’ll find that someone is much likelier to get bitten by a dog that hasn’t been trained, and that a lot of protection dogs are also great around children.

  1. They Just Bark

Another common misconception is that a protection dog is simply some sort of glorified alarm system that will just constantly bark. Again, our protection dogs all go through vast amounts of training that ensure that they will only alert owners to any real dangers. A protection dog is unlikely to sit there barking at nothing, whilst an untrained canine might just end up doing your head in with all of the incessant noise. Due to their high level of training, you can be rest assured that a protection dog will only react to an actual threat.

  1. They Are Just Violent

Finally, many people are of the belief that protection dogs are simply violent animals that will bite anything that speaks too loudly or comes a little too close. But the fact is that protection dogs are incredibly intelligent animals that will rarely have cause to attack anyone. They are loyal canines that dedicate themselves to keeping their owners safe, but this does not mean that they are simply violent. It’s very rare that a protection dog will need to bite somebody, and so you don’t need to worry about them attacking an innocent passer-by.

Here at Protection Dogs Worldwide, we sell a wide range of protection dogs that are all dedicated to improving your security and keeping you safe. If you require any further info on the breeds that we have available, then please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.


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