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Protection Dog Breeds: Giant Schnauzer

Introduction It’s hard to date exactly when we first began to domesticate dogs and use their innate abilities to our advantage. What we can be sure of, is that, dogs were the first animals to become domesticated, making them truly “mans best friend”. Since their domestication, we have used dogs to perform working tasks, from pulling sleds to guarding and protecting, albeit other animals and livestock from other predators, or protecting homes and property. Whilst the modern dog with instinctively attempt to protect and defend their home, particular breeds have certain characteristics which lend themselves to be better protection dogs than others. Background of the Giant Schnauzer The Giant Schnauzer is a working breed of dog developed in the 17th century in Germany. Giant Schnauzers are powerful and willful dogs that require stringent training, and needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Their workability lead to them being using during WW2 by the German Army as patrol dogs, but was originally bred as an all-round worker. These overall workability means they have succeeded in many areas such as police, military, search and rescue and even therapy dogs. Their extreme family loyalty makes them excellent protection dogs. Is the Giant Schnauzer breed right for you? Young Giant Schnauzers need a lot of attention paying to their socialisation, particularly in comparison to other breeds. This is something, we at Protection Dogs Worldwide, take absolute pride in, ensuring that our Giant Schnauzer family protection dogs are exposed to as many situations and environments as possible, giving you a well balanced and confident protection dog. It is common for Giant Schnauzers to be aloof of strangers or unfamiliar people to them, and should be considered when choosing this breed as your family protection dog. Homes which have a lot of frequent unfamiliar guests, may not be the most suitable home for a Giant Schnauzer. Exercise is something that the Giant Schnauzer craves, and should be a serious consideration when choosing a breed for your family protection dog. They require structured exercise, to keep their brain active and stop any unwanted and destructive behaviours. If you do not have the time to walk for several miles a day, then perhaps the Giant Schnauzer is not the dog for you. Conclusion The Giant Schnauzer is a prized and well-respected family protection dog, possessing a huge amount of positive traits when trained correctly. If you are still unsure as to whether the Giant Schnauzer is the right dog for you, give us a call. Here, at Protection Dogs Worldwide, we have many years of experience of matching families with the right breed, and more importantly, the right dog from within that breed. All family protection dogs sold at Protection Dogs Worldwide, have been carefully selected from the very best breeding lines throughout Europe & Russia. If you would like to see our dogs for sale or have any questions, please call us: Call Now Alternatively, see our available dogs for sale below: See Dogs For Sale