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Why A Protection Dog Is The Best Form Of Security

There are few things in life that are as important as your own protection. You might be busy scouring the internet looking at CCTV cameras, intricate alarm systems and any other measures of personal or home security you can think of- as you dream of improving your own safety. However, none of these security measures comes close to the effectiveness of a protection dog, as a well-trained canine provides a level of defence that just can’t be matched. Here at Protection Dogs, we have a wide range of well-trained breeds available to improve your security and to ultimately deter any potential threats. We’re here to give you some big reasons as to why they are so much more effective than any other security measures out there, and why- if you’re serious about improving your safety- a protection dog is the way to go.


If you’re wanting to improve the security of your home, then one of your first thoughts might be to go ahead and install a new alarm system. This is all very well and good, but an alarm just doesn’t have the same effect as a well-trained guard dog. For a start, a dog cannot be tricked or bypassed as easily as an alarm system, and they will only bark if there is an incoming threat. Alarms tend to trip and go off when they’re not supposed to, meaning that you’ll often get annoyed by the false alarm, however a well-trained dog will only alert you to real threats.

Fear Factor

The fact is that a potential intruder will probably be deterred by just the sight of your protection dog. While they might fancy their chances with being caught on CCTV or tripping an alarm and still getting away with the crime, they are much less likely to risk going up against a dog. If the intruder is unfamiliar with, or even afraid of, dogs in general then you’ll find that they simply won’t attempt to either attack you or break into your property. The sight of a security camera might make an intruder a little wary of getting caught, however they will simply cover their faces and break in anyway. A protection dog is a security measure that a potential threat cannot outrun, outsmart or even bypass.

Best Friend

With a protection dog, you aren’t just buying yourself a top of the range security measure- but also a companion for you and your family to love. Picture yourself coming home from work at night, would a CCTV camera want to jump all over you in excitement? A protection dog comes with an intense feeling of loyalty, and they are the most reliable, dedicated security measure that you can get your hands on. We have a range of well-trained protection dogs for sale– all of which are capable of giving you the highest level of security. If you require any further information on the canines that we have available, then please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team!