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An Introduction To Protection Dogs

18 Feb 2019

A protection dog is utilised to protect an individual, and primarily acts on the direction of its handlers. This differentiates it from a guard dog or watch dog, which will act off its own volition, more often than not without the supervision of a handler. Protection dogs have numerous applications, both in family homes, and settings such as festivals, military operations, and law enforcement. It is the first of these that Protection Dogs Worldwide (PDW) has specialised in, and we are proud to be one of the UK’s premier protection dog suppliers, with clients throughout the country, Europe, and Middle East.

Given that its dogs are intended for use within a family environment, PDW has given careful consideration to the most appropriate breeds for this purpose, and specialises in four breeds: the German Shepherd Dog, Dobermann Pinscher, Cane Corso, and Giant Schnauzer. All of these have been chosen as they combine a good mix of protective instincts, high work drive, steady temperament, and proven ability to safely live with young children. Although other breeds such as Belgian Shepherd Dogs (especially the Malinois) make excellent protection dogs, they are less suitable for family environments, so have not been included in this list.

Historically – and rightfully so – the German Shepherd Dog has been one of the most popular and common protection dogs. Originally bred to herd and protect livestock, it is a highly intelligence, trainable, affectionate, and protective breed which has excelled in a variety of fields. Equally at home protecting its handler or acting as a guide dog, a well-bred German Shepherd Dog’s even temperament, natural affection, and protective character make it ideal for a family environment. German Shepherd Dogs form strong bonds with their handlers, and are often excellent with young children. The German Shepherd Dog is also highly recognisable, and makes an excellent visual deterrent against would-be burglars or attackers. German Shepherd Dogs have a very strong bite as well, and are protection dogs to be reckoned with.

The Dobermann Pinscher is another breed we specialise in. Originally bred to protect a German tax collector during his often unpopular work, the Dobermann Pinscher combines courage, tenacity, athleticism, intelligence, alertness, protectiveness, and loyalty to make an excellent protection dog. Being highly recognisable, the Dobermann Pinscher often acts as a strong visual deterrent, and will fiercely protect its handler when attacked. However, it was also bred to be highly trainable, and only act on its protective instincts on its handler’s commands. In a home environment, the Dobermann Pinscher is an extremely affectionate and playful breed, and is known for strongly bonding with children. When sourced from responsible breeders and tested to ensure that their temperament is appropriate, the Dobermann Pinscher will often make an excellent family protection dog.

The Cane Corso is a less well-known breed in the UK, but remains an outstanding candidate for the role of a family protection dog. A large and well-muscled mastiff-type breed originating in Italy, the Cane Corso is perhaps more athletic and energetic than other mastiff-type breeds, but remains extremely loyal to its owners, and protective of them and their property. They also possess a stable temperament, high levels of intelligence and trainability, and affection. The Cane Corso will bond strongly with its handler and family, and greatly enjoys spending time with them. While often strong-willed and somewhat naturally dominant, the Cane Corso can nevertheless make an excellent family companion and home protector with appropriate handling and training.

The Giant Schnauzer is a German working breed originally intended to act as a multipurpose farm dog. Part of this entailed guarding property, and as such, the Giant Schnauzer has strong protective instincts. Loyal and affectionate to its handler and family, the Giant Schnauzer is often instinctively mistrusting of strangers, making it an excellent protection dog. Its vocal tendencies in such situations and large size make it a strong visual deterrent which is also capable of physically protecting its handler and family. Often excellent with children, the Giant Schnauzer can make a highly effective, if somewhat rare and unusual family protection dog.

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