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The Incredible Timeline of the Great Dane

14 Dec 2016

In one of our previous blog posts, we’ve already looked at what makes the Great Dane such an incredible breed of protection dog. From its sheer strength and height to its brave, and yet gentle, nature- the Great Dane is a remarkable animal that would make a fine addition to any home. Our Great Danes are a shining example of how a protection dog can help to keep you safe, and how they are so much more effective than any other form of security.

Here at Protection Dogs, we provide the widest range of trained canines available in the UK, and therefore you’d be forgiven for feeling a little bit spoilt for choice. With so many great dogs ready to keep you safe, we understand that deciding which one to go for is bound to be a tough choice.

Well, we’re here to give you all the information you need about all of our breeds, and we’re here today to give you the history of the Great Dane:

  • 1400 BC: That’s right, early depictions of the Great Dane can be traced back as far as Ancient Greece, where paintings showed large boarhounds greatly resembling the dog we know and love today. Of course, these canines had completely different personalities and temperaments, but the Great Dane is unmistakeably a direct descendant.
  • 0500 AD: Coins in Denmark use the image of a large hound, while Scandinavian museums start to display the skeletons of some incredibly large hunting dogs. These dogs looked more like a Mastiff than anything else, because they were shorter and stockier than the Great Danes around today.
  • 1600: The popularity of these large hounds really takes off in Germany, as a lot of the upper class would take the canines back to their homes to keep them safe. The huge size of the dogs gave them an intimidating presence, meaning that many threats were deterred just by the sight of them.
  • 1600-1800: This period is when the Great Dane transformed from an intimidating hunter to a companion and source of security. Their German popularity continued to rise, and they became known for their strength and loyalty.
  • 1880: The breed was finally recognised as being independent from the Mastiff, and was named the “German Dog”. The name “Great Dane” only came about when a French naturalist stumbled across the dog in Denmark, and the name has stuck ever since!
  • Today: The Great Dane is now renowned for its loyalty, dedication and friendliness. Not only do they make excellent protection dogs, they are also referred to as “gentle giants”- which really is testimony to how well they’ll fit in to any family!

Here at Protection Dogs, we have a wide range of protection dogs for sale– including the Great Dane, German Shepherd and many more!



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