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Why You Need A Protection Dog This Christmas

13 Dec 2016

It’s that time of year again. We should all prepare ourselves for a month of eating too many mince pies, opening up our advent calendars and listening to Slade scream down the airwaves- because Christmas is well and truly right around the corner. With the dropping temperatures and the whole world going crazy over a John Lewis advert, time is running out for you to head out to find that perfect gift for someone special.

A protection dog is something that certainly isn’t just for Christmas, but one of our canines would certainly make a great gift this year. You can forget all about buying jewellery, chocolates and other material possessions, because a protection dog is just what your family would like to see waiting at the foot of the tree.

But why? Well, we’re here at Protection Dogs to run you through exactly why you need one of our dogs this holiday season:

  • Crime Prevention

First and foremost, a protection dog is intended to improve your security and to make sure that you’re kept safe. The last thing you need this Christmas is to be targeted by a potential threat or to find that all of your newly wrapped gifts have been stolen from underneath your tree. A protection dog will ensure that you can celebrate the festive period without having to worry about your security, as it will do everything within its power to make sure that you aren’t the victim of any crime.

  • A New Family Member

Everyone enjoys opening a good CD or a decent pair of socks on Christmas Day, but the fact of the matter is that nothing will quite capture the festive spirit like adding a brand new family member. Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones, and bringing a protection dog home is a sure-fire way of making this year the most memorable holiday ever! You need to remember that protection dogs needs looking after all year-round but, if you’re wanting to buy one, then now is certainly the best time to do so!

  • Companionship

Protection dogs are not just canines that dedicate themselves to keeping you safe, they also provide a level of dedication and companionship that you certainly wouldn’t receive from any other gift! If you want a loyal companion that will be with you for years to come, then a protection dog might be right for you!

Here at Protection Dogs Worldwide, we have the widest range of protection dogs available in the UK! If you’re wanting to improve your security this Christmas, then please get in touch for any further information.

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