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How we Train the Best Protection Dogs

22 Oct 2021

We are proud to offer the best family protection dogs in the world. Our client base speaks for itself, with the dogs we have trained finding themselves in the UK, across Europe, North America, Africa, and the Middle East. We have provided dogs to high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, and royalty. It is hard for rival companies to come close to what we offer.

We are often asked how we train the protection dogs. The answer comes back to one word: family. We work off of the assumption that any dogs we train and sell must be equally comfortable undertaking protection work, and living in normal family settings. Often, this will include exposure to children. In short, we would never sell a dog that we would not trust around our own family.

Achieving this is no mean feat, and work begins even before we receive our dogs. Any dog we may work with is carefully evaluated to ensure that it possesses the required combination of intelligence, temperamental stability, courage, and friendliness. We need absolute temperamental reliability and stability in all of our dogs, and this is not an area we will ever compromise on. We do not seek aggressive dogs and refuse to sell or work with them.

All of our trainers understand and exemplify the soft skills of working with dogs. Patience, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence are daily habits for us. There are no shortcuts in training the family protection dogs for sale, and our understanding of this is what makes us at the very top of our game.

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22 Oct 2021

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