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Guard Dog and Protection Dog, Are they the same ?

Never think that a protection dog is the same as a guard dog. These are very different dogs. The expectations of these dogs are not the same so the way that they act will be completely different too. These short descriptions of each dog how they vary: The Guard Dog: A guard dog defends property, that’s his job. Any breed of dog can be trained to guard, some being more effective than others. He is trained to stay guarding one place, working on his instinct and autonomy. A guard dog’s three main duties are alarm, sentry and attack. He will alert owners of any intruders, attacking anyone that mistakenly enters the territory. Guard dogs are under voice and leash control only. This dog cannot turn his training off,he is always on guard, maybe in a state of agitation, ready to act. For these reasons he cannot be a family pet.You should not try to be integrate him with children. The Protection Dog: Only certain breeds have the intelligence to become a protection dog. To succeed, he must have the right temperament, discipline and loyalty.A protection dog is trained to defend you and your family and will protect in any threatening situation. He is able to integrate within family as a pet.A protection dog knows the difference between someone from his family and someone threatening.This dog is not trained to defend just one place, his task is your protection, so will travel with you. The protection dog is trained to higher level of obedience and loyalty. He will act upon command only. A well-trained protection dogs will rarely have to bite. Protection Dogs and Guard Dogs are not the same at all. It is important to understand this difference before choosing a dog to work with.