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The Cane Corso as Protection Dog

The Cane Corso is an imposing presence of powerful athleticism. This well-muscled animal with his large head has the physical makings of a perfect protection dog. Before anything else, this striking dog provides a very visual deterrent. Even its name suggests that Cane Corso was created for the role of protector. ‘Corso’ comes from the Latin’ cohors’ which translates to ‘protector’ and ‘guardian’. Protection Heritage The Cane Corso is a strong Italian breed descended from Roman war dogs. He is closely related to the Neapolitan Mastiff.For centuries in rural Italy it was a catch dog used with cattle and swine and wild boar hunts.He was also traditionally used to guard property, livestock and families.This heritage makes him a perfect protection dog. Protector Personality Cane Corso work well under stress. He is an assertive and determined character.When confronted with threat a Cane Corso will be ready to fight rather than flee. He will take on the role of protector where other breeds back away. Guarding his home and your property will be a priority for a Cane Corso as he is highly territorial.He is naturally inclined to protect and repel intruders on their territory. He is extremely loyal and loving to their pack (you and your family) and will move in quickly to counteract any threat. Sophisticated Senses A Cane Corso is naturally equipped with sophisticated senses. He can hear what a human cannot and sense danger better than any surveillance camera. He can run faster and further than any intruder. His high intelligence will respond well to the challenge of consistent training. Given this good training and strong leadership, the Cane Corso will be an invaluable defender of your family and home.