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Everything You Need To Know About The Giant Schnauzer

30 Nov 2016

One of the best things about purchasing a protection dog is the wide choice of breeds available to you. From German Shepherds to Great Danes, here at Protection Dogs Worldwide we offer the widest range of protection dog breeds available in the UK, meaning that we are always capable of providing a customer with what they need from a canine.

Our range of dogs is so vast, that you might just find that you’re wrestling with a bit of indecision. All of our breeds are efficient protection dogs, and have their own personalities and traits- which causes you to hesitate as you aren’t quite sure which is the right one for you. Well, fortunately we’re here to give you a rundown on all the important info you need on our breeds, and today we’re going to tell you all about the Giant Schnauzer.

  • The first thing you should probably know is that the Giant Schnauzer is named as such for a reason. With males capable of growing up to 27 inches tall, you’ll find that a Giant Schnauzer very rarely has to jump into action because any potential threats will be deterred by the sheer size of the animal.
  • The Giant Schnauzer is the embodiment of power and strength, and dedicates itself on keeping you safe through its steely determination and constant loyalty. These dogs strike an incredibly commanding figure that know exactly what to do to keep you safe.
  • As well as being very effective protection dogs, Giant Schnauzers are renowned for their calm temperament and considerate nature. They are not a dog that will attack someone for no reason, and are the experts when it comes to identifying real dangers and, therefore, when to pounce.
  • In terms of looking after one of these incredible dogs, you need to be aware of the fact that they require a lot of exercise. Ideally, you can take the dog out jogging with you or, if not, for frequent walks throughout the day. A Giant Schnauzer will involve a fair bit of looking after, but you will be rewarded with an incredibly loyal canine.
  • Finally, you should also be aware that Giant Schnauzers are known to be fairly picky over who they obey. This means that they tend to obey the dominant member of the household- but they will then provide this person with a level of loyalty and dedication that just can’t be matched.

Here at Protection Dogs Worldwide, we have the widest selection of protection dogs for sale available in the UK, and please contact us for any further info on the dogs that we have available.

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