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The Difference Between Protection Dogs and Guard Dogs

5 Nov 2016

Throughout the world of dog training, there is one very common misconception: that protection dogs are exactly the same as guard dogs. Many people fail to see the differences between a well-trained protection dog and a guard dog, and this can actually lead to some people buying a dog that isn’t right for their requirements. It’s incredibly important to realise that protection dogs are trained, raised and ultimately act completely differently to guard dogs.

But what are the main differences? Which one is better? Well, fortunately we’re here at Protection Dogs Worldwide to take you through some of the main differences between the two types of dog.


Firstly, we’d like to point out that pretty much any breed of dog can be trained as a guard dog- even though some may be more effective than others and typically small breeds are preferred. When it comes to protection dogs, however, only a select few breeds are intelligent enough to undergo such efficient training. A protection dog requires the right temperament, discipline and a certain amount of loyalty- which all culminate to give you one incredible canine.


The training between guard dogs and protection dogs is incredibly different, which makes it surprising that the two are mixed-up so often. Guard dogs are typically trained to stay in a particular place or property and to, well, guard it. A guard dog’s primary objective is to alert their owners to any incoming intruders and to attack anyone that makes the mistake of entering their territory.

In contrast, a protection dogs are trained to an incredible level of obedience and loyalty, and will literally act upon your command only. A well-trained protection dog will very rarely have to bite someone- but when they do, you can be assured that it will hurt whoever is on the receiving end. This is why it’s so important that the dog is properly trained and looked after, otherwise this level of obedience simply isn’t there. Protection dogs are notoriously calm, strong and intelligent- and they need to be cared for properly.


One of the huge advantages to owning a protection dog is how they not only improve your personal security, but are also great with children and fully integrate themselves as part of the family. Protection dogs are great at identifying who is part of the family and who is a threat, meaning that they can easily distinguish between the two and you don’t have to worry about anyone getting bitten. Due to their extensive training, protection dogs are actually much less likely to bite a loved one than a normal dog. In contrast, guard dogs are generally agitated animals due to the way in which they are raised, and therefore it is not recommended to have them around children.


With more effective breeds, better quality of training and a knack for settling into family life, protection dogs are by far the superior type of canine, and they are certainly more capable of improving your security.

We provide a wide range of protection dogs that are all fully trained and can significantly improve your personal security. For any further info on the canines that we have available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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