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Can Protection Dogs also be Service Dogs?

17 Dec 2022

One of the more common questions we receive is whether or not protection dogs can double up and act as a service dog too. Before answering, we must first define what a service dog is. Here, we understand the term as referring to a dog which has been specially trained to help disabled people live more easily. Guide and medical alert dogs would both fit this description.

Fundamentally, we do not believe that a protection dog can be a service dog. These are two very different and distinct lines of work which should never be combined. By their nature, protection dogs have a high prey drive whereas a service dog should be restrained, measured, and unfailingly gentle. Although German and Belgian Shepherds are highly capable breeds, there is a reason why they are most commonly used for military, police, and civilian protect work whereas Labradors and Golden Retrievers are found supporting disabled people.

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