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Puppy Training

Our Puppy Training program will train your dog in the following:
  • "DOWN"
  • "SIT"
  • "HERE"


Before we begin any obedience training with your puppy it is essential that we create a strong bond with him. We live nearby the kennels so we are able to interact with your puppy through play as well as work, helping him quickly settle into his new surroundings.


We will start teaching your puppy by luring. Whilst your puppy is following hand movement and enjoying the food reward, subconsciously they are learning the correct positions. These positions are then paired with word commands. Because a puppy doesn’t understand words, he has to learn the positions first.


Now we start to add spoken words (commands). These are paired with luring the dog into the desired positions. Repetition is key to success and we take time to ensure the puppy has a firm understanding of commands before moving on. Adding distractions helps us ‘proof’ the behaviours. This is key to creating an obedient pet.

Some dog training companies only work dogs in an empty training facility with no real life distractions. This should not be the final training.

Every week, we take all our dogs out into busy places for environmental and social training. This is a real test of the dogs training.

The Foundation In Protection For Your Puppy


Training very young puppies in protection is unwise. We offer foundation protection training for older puppies. This training is specifically tailored to the age of your puppy, providing a sound foundation for the later full protection training.
This early training course involves conditioning your dog to noise through a process called ‘desensitisation’. This is also invaluable to general pets.
We will teach them ‘Bite Development’-how to bite a tug or pillow confidently. We will condition them to take contact with the handler whilst on the bite. This does not mean your dog will enjoy biting people. This is purely a game utilising the dogs natural chase instinct.

A puppy can be trained from a few months old, the sooner the better! We specialise in training young dogs and puppies in obedience.



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