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What You Need to Know Before Getting a Protection Dog

27 Feb 2019

A protection dog can make an excellent asset for your personal or home security, but they should not be purchased or otherwise obtained lightly. By their nature, protection dogs are not the average family pet. Exceptionally driven and energetic, a protection dog will need frequent outlets for its usually high exercise needs, and simple desire to work and be intellectually challenged. Failure to provide a protection dog with adequate stimulation may result in destructive and undesirable behaviour such as chewing of furniture, excessive pacing, and even aggression towards other dogs and humans. A protection dog is unlikely to be satisfied by a ten minute on-leash walk round the block most days, and will need at least two longer walks each day in the mornings and evenings, as well as ongoing stimulation, either from humans, other dogs, or puzzles and toys. It is worth considering whether or not you are able to adequately satisfy your protection dog’s natural drives before obtaining one, and selecting a breed based on these considerations. To this end, Belgian and Dutch Shepherds are unlikely to be as effective family protection dogs as the less driven Cane Corsos, Doberman Pinschers, and German Shepherd Dogs.

Once you have decided which breed to purchase, there are many other considerations a responsible owner must take into mind. While a specifically trained protection dog can certainly make an excellent asset and family companion, it will take considerable time and effort for it to reach a safe and useful level of skill and competence. An online advert claiming to offer “ex police dogs for sale”, or “military dogs for sale” may be tempting, responsible buyers should proceed with caution. Even if these claims are true, former military and police working dogs are often unsuitable for family environments, and require extensive detraining before being rehomed. Instead, it is more sensible to identify a company offering trained dogs for sale, which is what Protection Dogs Worldwide specialises in. Rather than relying on attention-grabbing buzzwords such as “attack dogs for sale” or “trained puppies for sale”, we offer our clients already trained protection dogs that are ready to take their place in your family, and are already at a basic level of guarding and protection competency.

After purchasing your dog, you must consider how to continue developing and training it so that its protective skills continue to improve. While it is possible to keep such dogs happy and stimulated with regular exercise and human contact, it may also be worth in undertaking continuation personal protection training with them. It is also possible to organise residential dog training, and Protection Dogs Worldwide is able to offer this to our clients. Other potential options include regular agility work, Schutzhund, and obedience training. Other options also exist and Protection Dogs Worldwide is happy to advise on these.

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