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German Shepherd - Family protection dogs

The German Shepherd Dog is a large working breed, and was, formerly known as the Alsatian in the UK. Developed at the end of the 19thCentury, these dogs originally herded sheep, but because of their strength, trainability, protective instincts, and obedience, German Shepherd Dogs have since become a favoured breed for many types of work. These have included military taskings, law enforcement, search and rescue, disability assistance, and personal protection.

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FAQs & Facts

German Shepherd Dogs have an inherent and natural guarding and protection instinct that rarely waivers. As well as naturally protecting their family, they will also protect homes and property, with some businesses relying solely on German Shepherd Dogs to protect their property and goods. This has made them a popular breed with law enforcement agencies, and a number of military forces including the British Army

The German Shepherd Dog is a powerful and well-muscled, versatile working breed. It should be steady of nerve, well balanced and biddable, and never display signs of nervousness or excessive aggression

During the 1920s, official guide training was introduced in Switzerland. All of the first dogs to qualify were German Shepherd Dogs

To ensure your German Shepherd Dogis a great family protection dog, early socialisation is of paramount importance. Exposing your new puppy to differentsituations, noises and scenarios will ensure they are well balanced, and self-assured. Be careful to avoid putting your puppy in situations where they may have a negative or fearful experience, as this could lead to behavioural problems later