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Elite Collection - Family Protection Dogs

Our elite package is for those clients who require a high level of protection. All the dogs chosen to complete the elite program have shown that they have the special drive and determination which makes them elite, this cannot simply be trained into the dog. It is a balance between training and the dog’s natural genetics and instincts. The elite dogs have completed with excellence our foundation and levels 1 & 2 programs and have the unique ability to progress further onto the elite program.Training within the elite package is tailored to the customer’s requirements enabling the dogs training to replicate specific threats the client may face or threats within specific environments. Our standard training is completed without the use of equipment or agitation (bite suits, sleeves, whips etc.). We believe that the dog should respond to a threat and react on command without question.


Our elite dogs are the showcase model, we are extremely proud of what we produce and the level of security they give our clientele worldwide, however, we are most proud of how they bond with their new family, play with the children or lay in front of the fire. They are family pets with the ability, drive and training to protect, they are the ultimate weapon in family protection.

The package also comes with a 2 year aftercare and support package. This includes revisits from our team to work the dog with the client, this helps the client understands what to do during a threat situation and gives them confidence in their protector.

We have limited numbers of dogs available at our elite level due to the amount of detail and time that goes into the training, as such we operate a waiting list.