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Choosing A Dog Breed That’s Right for You

31 May 2020

Dogs are one of the UK’s most popular type of pet, and potential owners have hundreds of breeds to choose from. At times this can prove overwhelming, and even make it hard for potential pet owners to adopt or buy a particular dog. Different breeds become more or less popular on a regular basis, often because of social media influencers or films and TV programmes being released. However, choosing the breed that is right for you and your family must be fully considered, and this blog will offer a few suggestions on how to do this.

Perhaps the strongest motivator for which dog breed you choose is why you want a dog in the first place! Whether you want a dog to work, show, or simply for companionship, all of these factors should influence the breed you choose. As all dogs were bred for specific purposes, breed classifications are also rather useful in helping guiding your decision on which breed is best for you. These specific characteristics may or may not be what you are seeking in a dog, so must be carefully weighed up. For example, if you do not want a dog that will dig, bark, and incessantly chase small furries then a terrier is unlikely to suit you or your lifestyle!

If you are interested in obtaining a family protection dog, though, then this is something Protection Dogs Worldwide would be happy and able to assist you with. We have years of experience in selecting, training, and selling some of the world’s most advanced and capable protection dogs to families, and work with a number of breeds. While all of our dogs share common characteristics such as being protective, friendly, obedient, and intelligent, each breed does have its own quirks. For example, Cane Corsos and Rottweilers mature very slowly and are highly motivated by food, whereas Dobermann Pinschers are very playful, and German Shepherd Dogs bond strongly with their families. Cane Corsos also have a tendency to drool, whereas German Shepherd Dogs are famously heavy shedders.

These are just some of the factors which should be considered when choosing which dog breed is best suited for you and your family. If you decide that you would like to purchase a family protection dog with us, then we will support you every step of this journey. This includes breed selection, and with so many dogs to choose from, we have no doubt that we can help you find the ideal family protection dog.

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