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Protection Dogs Worldwide Supplies Family Protection Dog to Katie Price

Protection Dogs Worldwide is delighted to announce that it recently supplied @Katie Price and her family with Blade, an Elite-level German Shepherd Dog. Blade is a stunning black German Shepherd Dog and has already bonded very well with the Price family and other pets.

Blade is an excellent example of what we provide: highly capable and trained protection dogs which are capable of guarding people and property, and safely integrating into family environments with other animals and young children.

Leedor Borlant , Founder and Lead Trainer, is confident that Blade will be a good fit in the Price household. “We conduct extensive assessments of all our dogs’ temperaments long before they go on sale”, he said. “As we know our dogs so well, when approached by any client, we can instantly match them with the dog that best fulfils their needs. We’ve been working with Blade for a while now, so we’re confident in recommending him to Ms Price”.

Protection Dogs Worldwide trains its dogs to multiple specifications, with the highest being Elite. Blade is an Elite dog, so trained to meet the needs of clients who require the highest level of protection. Training within the Elite package is tailored to the customer’s requirements, enabling the dogs’ training to replicate specific threats the client may face, or threats within specific environments. Our standard training is completed without the use of equipment or agitation (bite suits, sleeves, whips, etc.), and is based around realistic scenarios. We believe that the dog should respond to a threat and react on command without question.

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